Leader in foodstuffs distribution for major
distribution chains and the industry.
We build the culture
of goodness from the ground up.
The culture of quality
is a passion that comes from afar.

"Unitrading's mission is to be at the Client's side, step by step, at all times. I say this with pride and transparency: Unitrading is a partner that can be relied on." Claudio Cimardi

All round nutritional consultancy for distribution and industry

We have operated for more than 45 years in the sectors of FRESH MEATS, SALAMI, CHEESES, DAIRY PRODUCTS, PRESERVED FOOD, BREAD DERIVATIVES, PASTA AND SNACKS. The experience and expertise we have gained in the food sector has enabled us to become the authorised partner for the Major Distribution Chains and the Industry in carrying out global or partial nutritional projects in Italy and abroad. Thanks to a team of qualified personnel we guarantee the attainment of the results at a price that no one else on the market can offer. Our service provides complete control of the entire production chain from the choice of the raw materials to the finished product.

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