Responsibility, credibility, transparency,
our special ingredients.

Credibility is built up every day

In more than 45 years, we have gained deep knowledge of the market and our partners, suppliers and those who work in the distribution channel. The personal acquaintance with the key figures in the food sector and the territory has enabled us to become one of the leading companies of our key market, where we have remarkable experience. Today, thanks to all of this, we represent a most important value for the industries and the Major Distribution Chains: credibility. This is why we offer an independent, complete and prompt service that complements the perspective and solutions of the major industrial groups.

Over time, we have built up a business made up of many structures in order to be seen as a concrete and authoritative point of reference from production to the sale. Everyday, we have reinforced, confirmed and consolidated the relationship of trust with our suppliers and customers and, that’s why, today, we engage with them through dialogue with willingness, flexibility and an ethical sense. Values with high added value.

Respect for mankind, the environment and animals, the care and control of the sowing, the fodder and the methods, these are the values in which we believe.
Thanks to all this, we can act as guarantor and guarantee the compliance of the products based on the prerequisites demanded by our customers and the market, respecting the specifications of product, process and procurement. That’s why we can be certain of protecting the health of the consumer, which, for us, is a primary and fundamental value in the process of supplier selection that cannot be neglected.

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