A partner must first and foremost be a guarantee.

UNITRADING manages the traceability of the products marketed and, where necessary, it can notify the Client in order to withdraw products as laid down by the European regulations.

Product traceability
The EU regulation 178/2002 under Article 3 point 15 defines traceability as: “the possibility of reconstructing and following the course of a foodstuff, fodder, animal intended for food production or a substance intended or designed to be part of a foodstuff or fodder, through all stages of production, transformation and distribution".

The Unitrading Production Chain
The production chain is the entirety of operators in the food, livestock and fodder industries that collaborate for the purpose of creating a product that is safe for human and animal health.
Traceability of the production chain is defined as the documented identification of all the companies that contributed to the production and marketing of a product unit that is materially and individually identifiable.

Selection and qualification of suppliers
UNITRADING operates, with experience and ethics, through a network of selected, assessed and qualified producers, ensuring product traceability. UNITRADING regularly controls and verifies the participants in the production chain so that they can collaborate in the creation of the Project and act on the basis of an internal client-supplier relationship so that the “”Production Chain of the controller” and the “Production Chain of the controlled” never overlap.

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