Food safety
is a value that cannot be neglected.

The health of the consumer is guarantee by the respect for food safety.

Food safety consists of two elements:  “food safety”, that is, the availability of healthy food, and “food security”, concerning the aspect of procurement and food self-sufficiency of society. The concept of food safety is identified as the absence of health-hygiene risks and therefore the guarantee that the foodstuffs do not have a dangerous effect on the health of the end consumers when prepared and consumed in accordance with the use for which they were intended. Food safety is the first guarantee of quality and a fundamental requirement for the consumer. For these reasons, safety is an essential prerequisite of the food products managed and sold by UNITRADING and represents the fundamental principle in the process of the selection and qualification of suppliers. This primary and essential factor is our guide, the starting and finishing point of our work. For this reason, all the selection and qualification criteria always respect both the needs of the client and the specifications of product, process and procurement.

The needs of the client and product specifications

  • Product assessed in terms of quality, price and service
  • All the food safety, merchandise, organoleptic and nutritional prerequisites are met
  • Organoleptic, nutritional and safety specifications are maintained at all stages of product life
  • Product values, expiry date, methods of storage and use must be communicated by the packaging

The specifications of production processes

  • The production conditions are suitably controlled and offer guarantees of health-hygiene safety
  • The production processes are managed in an optimal way and constantly monitored, including at the most critical stages, and guarantee respect for the prerequisites of hygiene and safety

The procurement specifications

  • Once the selection and qualification process is complete, the relationship with the supplier is consolidated with the drawing up of the Technical Specifications of Supply
  • The supplier is thereafter regularly monitored under a verification and control programme in order to assess reliability over time
  • The activities of control, selection and qualification carried out by UNITRADING personnel enable the principle of food safety to be satisfied along the entire production chain “from the field to the table” and the identification of the best quality products”

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