The culture of quality
is a passion that comes from afar.

For 45 years, we have been developing knowledge and expertise.

Our work originates in the lands that surround the hills of Parma and the Po Valley, in “Food Valley”, homeland of gastronomic excellence, where, year after year, we have sown the “culture of goodness”. UNITRADING arose from a passion for an ancient work made up of traditions and love for taste, nutritional principles firmly rooted in the territory, fresh meat, salami and cheeses to which, every day, we add some extra ingredients. Strict control of the raw materials and constant monitoring of the market. 

From all this, UNITRADING was developed, a company of foodstuffs planning that works on behalf of the Major Retail Chains, SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) and INDUSTRY, and, for more than 45 years, it has daily guaranteed: quality services and competitive advantages.

Personally, I have dedicated my life to the food sector and the development of UNITRADING. I have cultivated corporate and human values that, today, are part of our DNA, part of a company that is an asset in the management and sale of raw materials, a highly specialised company in the sector of fresh meats, salami and cheeses, with broad and extensive expertise in preserved food, oven products, pasta and snacks.  My collaborators and I have gained knowledge and experience, two values that have increased our credibility in the eyes of suppliers and customers, two values that have guided us towards a leadership position in Italy. Today, UNITRADING, while mostly operating in Italy, can also work alongside your business in Europe, America and Asia. With our history and expertise, we can guide you at every stage of the production chain. I say this with pride, transparency and confidence:  UNITRADING is a partner on which you can depend for values and credibility gained in the field. 

Claudio Cimardi
Founder and General Manager

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Interview with Claudio Cimardi